DOPRAVA ZDARMA při nákupu nad 900Kč!

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Hello, welcome to our website! First of all, I would like to thank you for all the support and views on the MakeSomeSweets website.

Now something about us. We are Manca Sodnik and Jakob Lužar. We are a couple who loves to create.


Now a little more about me, I’m Manca Sodnik, the author of all the recipes on the MakeSomeSweets website. I am 19 years old and I have always loved baking, preparing delicacies and thus delighting my soul, family, boyfriend and friends.

My great wish was to be able to delight other people as well, those who love to bake, those who love to try new recipes, dare to try something new and this great wish has come true!

My independent journey through baking began in the fourth grade of elementary school and I have been diligently gaining experience and experimenting ever since.

But in 2020, I took the plunge (well, to be honest, it was Jakob’s suggestion) and started working on my great desire, I started believing in myself and creating what I enjoy – writing recipes for my standalone website.

I myself support simple recipes, recipes where your youngest members of the family can help you.

You can also find a more demanding recipe on my website, for those who want to try more and something completely new.


Let me introduce myself too. I’m Jakob Lužar, I’m 22 years old and I make sure that everything on the website is as it should be, that you can access it, read recipes, save them, etc.

However, because I also wanted to help Manca with baking, but I didn’t do very well, I started to focus on baking utensils. I was looking for something that would help Manci bake instead of me.

I was looking for quality, originality, usability.

Something she didn’t have yet but would be happy to use in her baking, something to make her even more creative, something to make her even better baking and creating new recipes.


I found her quite a few products that Manca has been using for quite some time. It does not differ from them, as the products are truly exceptional.

And let me tell you something, she gave me the title: “best assistant”. I asked her why, and she explained to me, in a nice way of course, that I’m not exactly brilliant in the kitchen (I promise I’ll try and practice), but I excel at finding helpers (read products) for better baking.

Now our forces are joining…

Manca in Jakob:

One evening, I (Manca) was baking and trying out a new recipe, and Jakob was watching me and learning how to make a crispy pie dough.

I knew he wasn’t listening to me because I saw something going on in his head.

And I was right!

He came up with the idea that I would also offer the gadgets I use to make your work easier, give you a new impetus in the kitchen and offer you the right quality of products.

We said to ourselves, why not? And so came the MakeSomeSweets online store, with our personalized products.

You will also be able to use the products, have even more fun while baking, and above all, you will use quality products made from proven materials.

So, this is our story. And as they say: every beginning is difficult, but where there is a will, there is strength! And we agree with that!

If you want to keep up to date with new products and recipes that will come to the MakeSomeSweets website, follow us on your Instagram profile or Facebook profile, where we regularly post pictures of new recipes, products with website links, various interesting facts and much more.

We wish you happy baking!

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